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Anushree Gupte


 I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2022 where I studied neurobiology and education. During my years at Cal, working at the Adesnik lab was a core learning experience for me. For my summer research fellowship, I conducted one-photon optogenetic behavioral experiments on mice to understand the implication of the visual cortex in learning V1-dependent tasks. For my senior thesis, I studied the role of the size of visual stimulus on the response latency and optogenetically inactivated V1 to determine whether it was involved in the association of visual stimulus size and response latency. I decided to dive deeper into the brain and move from the cortex to subcortical regions. I thus joined the Stevens lab to work with Dr. Yvanka de Soysa to study microglia states, during development as I am intrigued by the implication of diverse cell states in development and disease. You will find me at a bench always asking why something is the way it is and I hope all the questions I ask at the lab help me strengthen my skill set and better understand the science around me.

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