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Emma Rose


Emma joined the Stevens Lab community following nearly a decade of working as the microglia of the film/television industry. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in Politics/Economics, she was an obituary writer for the Boston Globe. Later, Emma served for about three years as the Globe’s Russia correspondent and was the weekend Moscow radio correspondent for Voice of America. Briefly working as a writer on a Russian sitcom, she shifted her focus to post-production and moved to Los Angeles on a Universal/MRC feature film and subsequently worked for Disney, The Jim Henson Company, and PBS before joining the Motion Picture Editors Guild. She was co-editor on a SyFy thriller, a previsualization editor for an MGM feature film and went on to work for two Academy-award nominated editors as an assistant editor. Prior to joining the Broad Institute, Emma edited videos for a peer-reviewed scientific video journal, where she reconnected with the sciences, and happily found her way to the Stevens Lab. She is also currently working towards a master’s degree in Biology.

To contact Emma, please send an email to estickgo(at)

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