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Erin Schoenbeck


Erin hails from her home state of Wisconsin, where she received a B.S. in Psychology at The University of Wisconsin - Madison. As an undergraduate, she worked in the lab of Dr. Allyson Bennett and Dr. Peter Pierre where she studied nonhuman primate development and environmental enrichment, and conducted scientific outreach with a range of age groups. Erin completed her honors thesis using a new assessment tool to quantitatively compare nonhuman primate environmental enrichment across different types of facilities. As well, she worked with her peers to initiate an outreach program that aimed to teach high school students across Wisconsin about behavioral animal research. Her hands-on experience working with nonhuman primates prepared her for the research she is doing in the Stevens lab with Dr. Kevin Mastro. As a research associate, Erin utilizes behavioral and electrophysiological measures to study higher cognitive function in the common marmoset, with the goal of understanding how developmental refinement of the prefrontal cortex impacts cognition and behavior. Since joining the team, Erin has taken an active role in building a cognitive task for the marmosets and training them to successfully interact with the paradigm.

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