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Maximilian (Max) Hingerl


Max is a student at Heidelberg University, Germany, where he pursued a BSc in Molecular Biotechnology and is continuing his studies in the same field working towards his MSc focusing on bioinformatics. During his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Max gained experience through lab rotations, notably at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, focusing on developmental biology in zebrafish with an emphasis on image and data analysis, and at the University of Edinburgh, where he delved into synthetic biology.
Currently, Max is broadening his research experience and skill set through a lab rotation at both the Broad Institute and the Boston Children's Hospital side of the lab in collaboration with Constanze Depp. He is particularly fascinated by the intersections of molecular biology, bioinformatics, and the potential applications of these disciplines in addressing complex biological questions. His academic and research experiences across diverse institutions have equipped him with a versatile perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the field of biotechnology.
His work spans various fields of science, reflecting his wide-ranging scientific interests. In his free time, Max enjoys being active, gaming, and loves cycling.

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