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Kirby EDI launches pilot research program with BHCC

The Kirby Center is excited to announce the launch of its pilot research internship program! Over the past year, members of the Kirby Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) effort have been working to develop and execute a program specifically designed to engage community college students in bench science. Special shout out to Stevens lab members Alicia Walker, Erin Schoenbeck, Martine Therrien, Sarah Murphy, and Yvanka de Soysa, as well as fellow Kirby researcher Julie Jurgens and HR dream team Kristin Driscoll and Florette Louissaint for their tireless efforts in making this vision a reality.

This semester-long internship program introduces students to the fundamentals of laboratory-based research in neuroscience, a rapidly advancing discipline which provides insights into basic science and human health. This program fuses hands-on mentored laboratory experience with professional and scientific development activities.

Boston Children's Hospital and the F.M. Kirby Center are committed to broaden efforts of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Historically, community college students have been largely underrepresented in lab sciences due to limited opportunities and underdeveloped pipelines. Our goal is to provide hands-on research experience in which Associate in Science degree-seeking students execute and present a complete project. Additionally, we aim to coach interns in professional development, science literacy and communication, with the goal to make students competitive for their desired next steps in science.

Questions? Email us at!

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