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Raphael Rakosi-Schmidt


Raphael graduated from Williams College in 2023, majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. During his time at Williams, Raphael conducted research in the Lebestky Lab, employing behavioral genetics techniques to explore mechanisms of pathogen sensing in the Drosophila central nervous system. For his undergraduate thesis work, Raphael was inducted into Sigma Xi Research Honor Society and awarded the Erastus C. Benedict Prize in Biology. Raphael was first introduced to the Stanley Center over the summer of 2021, as a visiting student under the mentorship of Dr. Tarjinder Singh in the Neale Lab. As a summer student, he conducted a computational genomics project to help validate a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Raphael is very excited to be back at the Stanley Center as a research associate in the Stevens Lab, where he is working with Dr. Mike Dolan to investigate cellular mechanisms of myelin damage and repair in mice. More broadly, Raphael is interested in how interactions between the immune and nervous systems shape neuropsychiatric illness.

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